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Why This Project?

Back in the day, I was working out with my trainer, Billy Woodmansee, and we were talking about all the different Mental Toughness quotes and mantras that I use in my coaching and speaking. He was having me do burpees and as I was struggling, he asked if I was using any of the mantras in my mind at that moment. I said,” Yeah, as a matter of fact, I am. I’m telling myself, ‘Ain’t Bad; Just is.’” That’s a mantra that I use to neutralize low-grade thinking that makes life suck for me. It’s a mantra that reminds me that nothing really is “bad” until I think of it that way. It’s remarkably and instantaneously liberating.


Then he said, “You know, you really need to make shirts out of all these damn mantras.” I realized Billy was onto something and that this might be yet another way to actually serve people by helping them remember some Mental Toughness Tools that they can use to strengthen their minds, enjoy life more, and create more excellence with less effort.


The Mental Toughness mantras or sayings also serve as conversation starters, because generally speaking, people don’t know what they mean. Each mantra has its own profound story, and each person has their own wonderful, unique version of it. I want to hear those stories.


So, my intention is to get folks talking. To inspire conversations that otherwise would not occur. Conversations on Mental Toughness, Emotional Mastery and how to become a Thought Warrior. Conversations on how we can reduce unnecessary settling, struggling, and suffering!


And, of course, this website is intended to connect folks through those magical conversations. Who knows what miracles we can co-create when we connect, converse and collaborate? So, let’s have some fun together as we connect and spread the word on the value of strengthening our minds!

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